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How Asthma Symptoms Disappeared In 6 Month

Powerfull Testimonies from people
whose Asthma - Bronchtis GONE!

We Have All Written Letters, Some In Hand Writing, On Records, Here are some:
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Mrs. A. YANAI, "As a child I suffered from frequent sore throat......upon my return to work as a nurse, Dr. Koder, seeing me coughing and choking, administered the treatment of Grain to me. Thank to this remedy which I received from Dr. Koder - all these symptoms ended....and within three days... ..the nasal drip and cough stopped completely...I gained back my weight and feeling very well."

Mr. A. ISAAC: "Dear Dr. Koder, I want to thank you for the devoted treatment you gave me. I suffered for four years from chronic Nasal Drip...Finally, Dr. Koder you gave me the remedy of the grain, which helped me very much and since that day I have been feeling much better." Mr. A. Issac

Mrs. B. VERTHIEM, "I am a very ill woman. Lately suffered from bad flue associated with irritative continuing cough...after no medications helped, I received the grain which dr. Koder told me to use and within two days - the night cough disappeared miraculously. Within two weeks it disappeared at all."

, "At the age of two, he ["my son, 6"] began to suffer from frequent attacks of asthma, with endlessly recurring bouts of bronchitis....not a week passed that this child did not see a doctor...I have been giving my son this daily does, two tablespoons......since then...this..child, very literary was bed-ridden...has recovered..has gain some weight and is a happy alert child..he recovers very quickly... I have begun giving the grain to my older son, 16, who also suffers from asthma...The grain helped him stop his cough and his nasal drip.
I gave some grain..for a relative who also suffers from asthma. The relative has stopped coughing, and her condition was greatly relieved." Mrs. S. Shapiro

Ms. D. CHRISTINE: "Subject: Feeling better: Joseph-I want you to know that my asthma has been considerable less of as problem even though I am now surrounded by cats and cigarette smoke and had trouble with it in the past. While I did not follow through with the full program, I intend to at some point as I have proof that it is worth it. If you wish I will add a client comment to your site stating that it worked for me. D. Christine"

Mr. & Mrs. A. Dahan
XXXX XXXXXX Street. Bat-Yam, IS 63001
Dear Joseph:

We can't find enough words to thank you for the opportunity of using your book regarding the cooking process of the natural grain for the asthma disease, which created miracles for our son, who has recovered from his severe illness, which he had been suffering from since birth.
Six months ago we were hopeless. Then, we started the process of six months as the book indicates. We felt significant changes in the child's condition in the first month.

The cough stopped gradually, and the medications which he was taking were gradually reduced. Today, after six months, our son does not need any inhalations or Betnizol treatment. He does not cough, and feels wonderful.

We are grateful to you for succeeding with such a simple method of writing this book of cooking the natural food to bring it to our attention, and thus heal our son. Without doubt, the process developed by Dr. Julien Koder is a perfect success.

We hope you will continue to help more people who suffer from the asthma disease, and to bring to their attention that there is a solution to the disease.

We thank you from our heart.
Sincerely yours, Ayelet and Avi Dahan


Ms. Mother KC.;  Mr. M. RICHMAN;  Mrs. A. YANAI; Mr. A. ISAAC;  Mrs. B. VERTHIEM; Mrs. S. SHAPIRO; 



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