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How Asthma Symptoms Disappeared In 6 Month


A Cure For Asthma & Bronchitis May Has Been Found: Dr. Koder's Natural Process

Nothing is more convincing that a simple cooking process that cured people from asthma
and bronchitis than the attached testimonials. These people, and hundreds of others, used Dr. Julien Koder's 6-months natural grain cooking process, whereby all asthma-bronchitis symptoms disappeared. DR. Koder’s process is well described the book.

Mr. Tsiyoni says that this is the only known process which helps people who suffer from Asthma, Bronchitis, Coryza and Irritative Cough. All existing medications can only relieve attacks and pain until the next episode. Nothing prevents attacks, hospitalization; nothing is as helpful but Dr. Koder's proven process. Millions, including celebrities such as actors, actresses and singers, have been missing a great opportunity to enjoy this natural process, instead of taking many medications and suffer. Spending $45 could have changed their lives forever.

The process  had eliminated all asthma and bronchitis symptoms of hundreds of people each in 6 months, using only $45 (now 95) worth of a natural grain. The process described in Tsiyoni's™ book, along with information on omega oils (in the grain) is simple, and easy to use.

AsthmaGone™ reveals Dr. J. Koder's 6-month natural grain cooking process, which eliminated all Asthma and Bronchitis symptoms of Hundreds of people each in 6 months, using only $45 (now 95) worth of a natural grain. The process described in Tsiyoni's™ book, along with information on omega oils (in the grain) is simple, and easy to use. Note that Omega Oils have been the main element in a massive world-wide research for a cure for asthma. (Dr. Taussigs™ letter.)

Author Joseph Tsiyoni added that he had helped many people(many based on written testimonial om record) , and that he can "prove it with medical records and testimonials." He says it is worth it to spend $45 on a natural grain, rich in omega oils, just to have a life-time chance, as many people did. He added "Considering doctor visits, hospitals and medication costs, can an asthmatic person afford not to try it?" Following are quotes from letters of extremely satisfied users of the amazing process.

Here are some example:

Amanda Stanwood: I have had great success I was using (2) inhalers (4) times daily. The [my] Dr. was putting me on Advair “ I quite by chance fell upon your book. I thank god I was led to your process I thank u for this wonderful process. My Life is much Better-I can Breathe Thank you! .

Clint Collins: "...after just two months of eating the natural grain, I had significant reduction...and after another few months, I did not need any medication ... I can honestly say: my asthma has gone.

James Matt: "Dear Joseph: wonderful "Dr. Koder's Asthma Process" is, and how the grain worked wonders for my 6-year old son, son's asthma in six months seems to be totally gone. ... Now he takes nothing..Thank You Very Much."."

Mr.and Mrs. Dahan: "...the cooking process....created miracles for our son, who has recovered from his severe illness...Six months ago we were hopeless...Today...our son does not need any inhalations... or treatment...He does not cough, and feels wonderful....We are grateful to you  ... the process (of) Dr. Julien Koder is a perfect success."

Mr. Tsiyoni credits the success to the high amount of omega oils and the cooking process itself, which he believes should be the official cure for asthma and bronchitis.

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